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China Sheen Limited specializes in vape wire, such asA1 FeCrAl 0Cr25Al5, Nichrome 80, Pure Nickel 200, Titanium wire, twisted, clapton wire, flat ribbon. And we also carries a variety of Electronic Cigarette products at an unbeatable price, including E Liquids, Box Mod, Batteries, Chargers, Tanks, Wicks.

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Its global multi-channel sourcing platform enable Sheen to create tailored sourcing options and quality-conscious to meet customer’s specific requirements.


Global supply chain management shorten the products finish time and make the production as close as possible to the immediate needs.


We regard quality as life of enterprise always, adhering the principles of customer-oriented, the products are trusted deeply by the customer,enjoy higher social reputation.

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About Us

HEBI SIEN  is one of the important industry bases in China for developing and producing nickel alloy material. Our company takes on advanced technics in researching, developing and manufacturing precision alloys (including soft magnetic alloys, expansion alloys, thermal bimetal alloys and resistance heating alloys), superalloys and stainless steels (including Ni-Cr steel series, deposit hardening steel series, martensite ageing steel series). Our products including as-cast master alloys, forgings, hot rolled pieces, cold rolled strips, cold drawn bars, cold drawn wires and pipes. 

Also we supply electronic cigarettes and other accessories, such as vape wire, A1, NI70,NI80, NI90, SS.316L, NI200, Titanium GR1, twisted, clapton, alien, etc. They have good quality and have been sold in domestic and international market. 
We have an efficient and professional team, which is market savvy and capable of adapting to the demands of the business. We focus on optimizing resources to save cost and keep stable producing, on making accurate information to help secure stable supply while consistently providing quality products.

If you offer us a trust, we will pay back you a satisfaction.




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